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About Us

Maintain Value – Create Value for the Future

As a stable partner, we promote innovative business concepts.

PDP Holding GmbH with headquarters in Salzburg, Austria is run by the Managing Director Rafael Walter and is under the 100% ownership of entrepreneur Peter Daniell Porsche. We hold stakes in companies in the areas of publishing, innovative technologies and sustainable resource management, as well as gastronomy and culture. Our portfolio strategy is deliberately diverse. Which industries our holdings are in is not the most important aspect for us. We are more interested in the responsible handling of resources, future-oriented business ideas, appropriate economic success and commitment to social responsibility. We operate independently, impartially, progressively and for the long term.

For me, using financial resources meaningfully and carefully is of fundamental importance. The economic engine only runs well when we think outside the box and really take all socially relevant areas into account when making our decisions.

Peter Daniell Porsche

Running a company successfully requires energetic, courageous and forward-looking thinking. Reliable partners provide stability and make it possible to break new, unfamiliar ground. It is always a balance of give and take that leads to success.

Rafael Walter

There is no harm in the Strong strengthening themselves.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe/Faust II


Making Ideas Reality – Pursuing Valuable Goals

Everything from waste management through to publishing.

Our portfolio includes businesses such as KWB GmbH, Reststofftechnik GmbH, Kurzzeitwohnen GmbH, Residenz Verlag, go4health GmbH, Brauhaus Gusswerk GmbH and KultURWirtshaus GmbH. As diverse as the industries are, each of our portfolio companies pursues sustainable goals and innovative business concepts. They are characterized by solid long-term growth strategies and strive for reasonable economic success. As a reliable and financially strong partner, we assist them in increasing their competitiveness in the market and help them to remain true to their path.


Here is Where You Can Find Us

Salzburg is both our inspiration and our homebase.

Located in the Gnigl district of Salzburg, Austria, PDP Holding GmbH's headquarters are housed in a carefully renovated historic mill. We gladly meet business partners and hold productive discussions in this relaxed atmosphere. The proximity to nature and distance from the urban bustle help us to direct attention to the essentials, to calmly make informed decisions and to implement these decisions successfully.